Valerie Sharif

Valerie Sharif

Certified Consulting Hypnotist
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Valerie Sharif is a Consulting Hypnotist (CH), Certified in Complementary Medical Hypnotism and Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.  With over 16 years of experience, she specializes in helping clients with stress management challenges and achieving their goals.

What Is Hypnosis & What Is The National Guild of Hypnotists?
The American Psychological Association (APA), the professional association for licensed clinical psychologists, defined hypnosis as:  “A state of consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion.”
The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. (NGH) is a not-for-profit, educational corporation in the State of New Hampshire.  Officially founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1950, the Guild is a professional organization composed of dedicated individuals committed to advancing the field of hypnotism.  NGH provides an open forum for the free exchange of ideas concerning hypnotism, and is a resource for members and a vehicle for legal and legislative action.

My Background
I formerly worked for a major utility company for 22 years and achieved my goal of becoming an Executive Secretary.  To excel to such a position was very fulfilling and rewarding to me, and I profoundly experienced and observed how stress was handled on a daily basis and began investigating stress management techniques.  As a result of this investigation, I began to question and became fascinated with the operations of the mind and how our thoughts/speech are pivotal – as they can get you into situations and extract you out of situations just as equally!

The following appeared in a newsletter published by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc., and I appreciate its conciseness:  “When the desire to change is greater than the reasons for remaining the same, the conscious mind can be used to motivate the subconscious through a series of reasonable objectives that start the changes.  However, when there is fear, doubt, anxious feelings, nervousness, road blocks of any kind, resolving these issues may be a prerequisite for these changes.”

Client Services
As a Consulting Hypnotist, I have helped clients with the following challenges achieve their goals (to list only a few):

  • Stress Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Nail Biting
  • Test-Taking Anxiety
  • Sports Performance
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Challenges
  • Self-Esteem Improvement

However, I now specialize in helping clients with Stress Management, as it is my belief, that a major core challenge is stress and how a client is or is not managing it properly.  Improper management of stress easily leads one to over-eat or under-eat, bite nails, wet the bed, smoke, experience test-taking anxieties, public speaking anxieties, etc.  It is my goal to guide and help clients successfully acquire stress management techniques so they may make the necessary changes to improve and enrich their quality of living.

Sampling of Client Testimonials
“The experience at first was like meditation.  But, as it went along, it became deeper into the relaxation state that I’ve ever been.  I think it had more influence on my mind than three years of psychiatry.”   - Trinity W., Shaker Heights, OH

“I feel very relaxed!!  I liked sitting there just chillin’.  I have had little urge to go back to my habit.”   - Stacey E., Program Associate, Non-Profit Foundation

“The experience was definitely a wonderful one.  It was one of renewness and rejuvenation.  I feel like a blossomed flower that has opened to a whole new day – a day of joy, happiness and sunshine.”  - K.T., Substitute Teacher, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

For more information about my services, please contact me at (216) 952-9714.