Jeanne Hall, QBS, HTC

Co Founder | Area Coordinator, Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Homeo-therapeutic Consultant
Owner of Healthy Solutions, Inc.
To schedule an appointment, please call (440)228-0464 or

Jeanne has been a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Holistic Health promoter for over a decade. Jeanne utilizes a quantum biofeedback device to help her clients achieve better health and wellness, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She follows the guiding principles of focusing on the underlying cause of illness.

Quantum biofeedback is a non-invasive therapeutic technology that energetically scans and harmonizes the body's stress and imbalances, and returns your body back to health by reducing the stressors that cause disease. It is the largest medical software in the world. The developer, Professor Bill Nelson, has deemed it the most researched energetic medicine device in history. The FDA has approved it for stress detection, stress reduction, muscle re-education, brainwave training and pain management.

It's time to take control of your health and Quantum Biofeedback is an excellent place to start. Within your first 1 1/2 session ($150.00) you will receive a wealth of information about how your body is functioning at a cellular level. Learn what your deficiencies are, blockages in meridians, hormone imbalances, emotional stress and pain reduction and retrain the body at a cellular level.

Jeanne uses Homeopathic remedies to help you heal from chronic issues rather than suppress symptoms. They work gently to stimulate the body's immune system to restore balance in health. She carries products for better digestion, rebuilding cartilage, protection of EMF's and a variety of Supergreen choices. Jeanne also provides a Dr. created weight loss program that helps reset the hypothalamus and boost metabolism. She also utilizes Light Therapy to further your healing experience.

To set up an appointment call 440.228.0464 or email: or or Office number 440-494-7505  
As Area Coordinator for Ohio, Jeanne is building a network of Quantum Biofeedback practitioners in our area. If you have a real desire to help others and want to either get into the health field or add this device into a business you already have, Jeanne would be glad to meet with you! It’s like a career in a box.