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Lorian Fantz Creative Arts Therapy | Transpersonal Healing

Please join us on October 30th and welcome Lorian Fantz

to the Studio of Healing Arts Practitioners!

Lorian uses creative arts therapy as a healing modality for children, adolescents,

and family groups. The creative aspect represents only one element within the 

larger scope of Transpersonal Healing; an element that plays a central role in the 

healing process for children and many individuals who struggle with traditional 

forms of self-expression or finding their voice. Lorian is passionate about 

working with children, helping them to learn, grow, and understand their own 

innate potential and discover their inner truth.

Surrounded by the Arts as a young child herself, Lorian continued to explore 

different forms of self-expression and creativity throughout her life. Lorian

studied visual art and musical performance, and has taught art and music for 

the past twenty years. Lorian’s love of learning and innate curiosity lead her 

from her start in the Fine Arts into the areas of Art Therapy and Counseling, and

she has five years of experience working with children and families in this field. 

Creative Arts Therapy, combined with Mindfulness/Relaxation techniques, Breath Work, and Energy Balancing Practices is helpful for individuals experiencing minor life adjustments as well as extended or ongoing physical, emotional, or mental conditions:

Anxiety Anger/Aggression Chronic Pain/Illness           Depression

Fears/ Phobias Trauma Low Self-Esteem/Lack of Motivation

ADD/ADHD Spectrum Disorders Parent/Child or Sibling Relationship Issues

Lorian establishes a relationship with each client, and uses their own natural strengths and tendencies to guide the therapeutic process. Creative self-expression may include visual imagery, rhythm and sound, free or structured movement, written /verbal expressions. Lorian’s philosophy is based on the individual’s natural tendency to heal - through finding balance within the self, with others, and with the natural world.

Lorian offers:

Individual/Family Creative Arts Healing | Creative Healing Groups | Five Element Qi Gong Groups | Various Creative Arts Classes

Lorian has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Master of Education, and a Master of Arts in Art therapy and Counseling. Lorian uses mindfulness, relaxation, and energy balancing practices within her work as a therapist. She is currently training in Medical Qi Gong, working toward certification as a Medical Qi Gong teacher and practitioner.

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