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Andrea Phillips

Founder | Massage, Body Work and Energy Work
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I began my journey many, many years ago......... before my own eyes were aware of the path I was to take.

I have been practicing the wonderful art of massage since January 2000. Massage is truly an art form as it is a medium of imaginative and creative self-expression. It has been my fortune to be able to work with and meet so many wonderful colleagues and clients from all over the world and all walks of life.

By combining massage with different types of body and energy work, such as The Kates Method, Polarity, and Ortho-Bionomy, I help you release old habitual patterns and achieve a feeling of balance and wellness.

I use a very relaxing massage combined with stretching, gentle rocking, and deeper muscular work to help guide you towards deep relaxation and self-healing.

I listen to your needs not only with my ears but also with an open heart, intuitive touch and an unassuming presence. I focus my intention towards working the body as a whole to awaken your own healing power and to obtain tension and toxin free living.

            I Dedicate My Practice
                  To My Brother