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Studio of Healing Arts is committed to creating a healing environment for our Clients. We believe true relaxation and support starts with trust. Trust is formed by building relationships through the sincere desire to heal, nurture, inspire and connect. We are friendly, focused, sincere, hard-working professionals with a genuine desire to help you.

William Melaragno Founder | Body Work and Energy Work
Andrea Phillips Founder | Massage, Body Work and Energy Work
Jeanne Hall, QBS, HTC Founder | Quantum Biofeedback, Indigo Area Coordinator and Trainer, New Device Sales, Light Therapy
Patrice Shawhan QBS | Quantum Biofeedback
Valerie Sharif | Hypnosis for stress reduction
Ashley Krejci | Licensed Massage Therapy
Margarete Ziegler | Reflexology and Reiki

Lorian Fantz | Creative Arts Therapy, Transpersonal Healing and Qi gong

We offer the following professional services:
Massage | Body Work | Energy Work | Quantum Biofeedback | Certified Consulting Hypnosis | Massage Therapy | Reflexology | Reiki | Creative Arts Therapy | Transpersonal Healing | Qi gong classes | InLight Medical Polychromatic light therapy | Full Spectrum Sauna